CLASS DESCRIPTION: Due to masks being worn, classes during COVID will be taught as not to exert cardio and will pace in a creative innovative social distance way


SUMMER WORKSHOPS & CLASSES Begin July thru mid August


CREATIVE MOVEMENT/DANCE: Age 3 to Pre – K: This program combines Creative Dance, Ballet skills, Theater and Pantomime, Musicality, Gross and Fine Motor skills.  It is full of Fun and Creativity. No parental viewing during class time. All students must be fully potty trained NO Diapers: * Family Viewing Days offered. *CM Students will participate in our Recital Performance June 2021

BALLET I/ II: KINDERGARTEN to GRADE 2 : BALLET/ JAZZ Combo Class: We believe Ballet is a great introduction to the foundation of dance. Students explore movement through the grace and technique of ballet to develop core, strength and focus in learning ballet skills, barre, center and across floor, terminology, core work and dance etiquette. Jazz Fundamentals with basic technique and application of varied genres on Jazz: see Jazz description below. Students will have both Ballet Slippers and Jazz shoes for class

DESCRIPTION OF OUR BALLET SERIES FOR BALLET III- ADVANCE BALLET: Formal core technique including barre, center floor, petite and grande allegro and dance combinations.  Development of grace, artistry and performance are included. Both Vocabulary and Technique skills will progress with each level.

BALLET III/IV: Grade 3 – 6+ Multilevel & New students

INTERMEDIATE BALLET: Grades 5-9: Incoming Pre Pointe / P.A.S.S. Students evaluated in Spring 2021: Will also take required P.A.S.S. Program Class and Ballet 2x per week. Students who have Ballet experience but not in pointe program may take class. Required to begin in September

INTERMEDIATE ADVANCE BALLET: Grades 5-9: Students who HAVE COMPLETED the PREPOINTE/P.A.S.S. Program are required to take Ballet 2x per week and other *Instructor approved students not in Pointe. All required to begin in September

ADVANCE BALLET: Students will take Ballet 2x per week and students enrolled in the Advance Pointe Program: Instructor approved students new to HWSD. All required to start in September

ADVANCE STUDENTS CURRENTLY ON POINTE: 2 Pointe Classes per week required

JAZZ: Grade 3-12: Jazz dance incorporates up and down beats, syncopated rhythms, isolated body movements. Jazz dance can be often considered dramatic, storytelling, theatrical movements. In exploring Jazz throughout our dance season, our classes offer varied facets of jazz dance with elements of slower paced Contemporary & Lyrical movement: Hip Hop: Broadway and Ailey influences.

MODERN: Grade 3-12: Classes include warm-up, stretch, alignment, Modern dance elements of core technique, balance and creative moving through space with dimension, fall, release and recovery techniques.

TAP: Beg. – Int./Adv. Classes offered for Grades 3-12: Classic Tap technique and combinations.

The MANDATORY Summer Requirements: For all incoming PRE POINTE/P.A.S.S. students: Intermediate Advance Students and Advance Ballet Students: Minimum of 4 Ballet classes. Current POINTE Students: minimum of 4 Pointe classes. Summer 2021, it is essential to maintain strength that has developed thru the school year. This requirement must be fulfilled during summer only in order to continue as it is a safety issue to maintain strength for the rigors of the ballet/pointe program. Our Summer Class Card program from July to August allows for ample time and classes to fulfill this requirement.

As in every year, the HWSD ten month school year program, attendance is paramount to pursue and progress in all classes.  Each year our overall HWSD schedule is subject to change according to many things: There are many variables and hours of planning to create a schedule that works across the board as well the availability of our instructors. We realize it can be difficult to pick and choose activities.  We would love nothing more than to have our students remain in our growing programs.  Attendance as I mentioned is necessary and fair to all to progress, be safe, to develop technique as an ensemble and class.  Our attendance Policies are listed on our POLICIES PAGE

Please note: When purchasing any new Pointe shoes, please have them looked at by Ms. Carol or Ms. Katy prior to sewing any ribbons or putting names inside the shoes.  Ms. Carol and Ms. Katy will notify individual students should they feel any pointe shoes need replacing.  NEW students in our Prepointe program will be notified when the time comes about any information regarding shoes.

ALLEGRO DANCE ENSEMBLE: OPEN TO ALL ADVANCE STUDENTS ONLY in Ballet: Pointe: Jazz, Tap and Modern: HWSD in house resident Company that performs for Schools: Libraries: Museums: Community Events: Fundraisers: Charities and More: This gives our older students more opportunities to perform and may count as community service towards school programs. See Registration Page for Participation

NON RECITAL PROGRAMS and CLASSES: SEE BELOW HERE FOR DESCRIPTIONS: Names will be taken for Interest: Minimum of 4 students to run. Classes will renew with interest.

CHILDREN’S BROADWAY FUN, CREATIVE DANCE & IMPROV: Diverse Class offering expressive creative dance and movement with exploring imagination: music: storytelling; pantomime: group dynamics, Broadway fun and more. No experience necessary. Grade 1 thru Middle School. Runs for 6 weeks: $100: No Recital: Student Showcase:

ADULT BALLET CLASS : ALL ADULTS: 16+: College students: Alum, Home School studentss: Open level class with core technique including barre, center, petite and grande allegro and combinations. Some dance/movement experience recommended, but not required. 6 class card good for 8 weeks from date of purchase $100. $20 Drop In:

MOVE GROOVE DANCE FITNESS & STRETCH: ALL ADULTS: 16+: College students: Alum, Home Schoolers: This class will be modified due to COVID to not reach exertion and be comfortable to breath in a mask. BRING WATER BOTTLES. Great workout offering a stretch warm-up, use of hand weights, easy to do cardio dance patterns using a variety of music from Funk, Swing, Country, Soul, R&B, Salsa, Disco and more.  No experience necessary: 10 Class Card $100 good for any Groove Class : good for 12 weeks from date of purchase: Please bring an exercise mat to class for floor work. Drop In $15: Start time THURSDAYS 9:00-10:00: This class is ongoing.

ADAPTIVE DANCE Ages 4-10: 6 wks. $145
Class is based on Creative Movement and Modern Dance styles that are tailored to meet the specific needs and abilities of students. Students develop self-esteem and confidence through the process of learning dance movement that promotes strength, balance, coordination and flexibility. Opportunities for self expression through improvisation and creating group choreography are included to promote social connections among the dancers. Taught by experienced instructors with PT and Autism Behavioral Experience. See Faculty page

PRIVATES: SEMI PRIVATES: SPECIALTY EVENT DANCES for weddings and more: AUDITION PREP: BALLROOM: (see under PARTIES) Available upon request. [email protected] (BIRTHDAY PARTIES on hold until further notice)