CREATIVE MOVEMENT/DANCE: Age 3 to Pre-K: This program combines creative dance, Ballet skills, Theater and Pantomime, Musicality, Gross and Fine Motor skills.  It is full of Fun and Creativity. All students must be fully potty trained NO Diapers: No recital: Family Viewing Days offered throughout the year.

DESCRIPTION OF OUR BALLET SERIES: Pre Ballet thru to Advance: Formal core technique including barre, center, petite and grande allegro and combinations.  Development of grace, artistry and performance are included. Technique progression with each level.

PRE-BALLET: Kindergarten: Basic Ballet skills, barre, center and across floor, terminology, creative dance application

BALLET I: Grade 1

BALLET II: Grade 2

BALLET III: Grade 3 

BALLET IV: Grade 4

BALLET V: Grade 5+

TEEN BALLET: Students in Grade 6 – 12 who enjoy the study of Ballet who are not in the Pointe Program and/or take Ballet 1x per week   

INT. ADV. I/II BALLET: Students who take Ballet 2x per week and /or Students who have completed PASS and are enrolled in the Pointe Program 

ADVANCE BALLET: Grade 10+ who take Ballet 2x per week and students enrolled in the Pointe Program: Instructor approved students.

HWSD POINTE PROGRAM: Pointe is a stunning art form in dance and a rigorous one. There is committed training involved. Pointe evaluations are held in the Spring depending on the year (Next one is scheduled for Spring 2020): Parents will be notified of students who may be eligible to qualify for evaluation: Students must complete UP to Ballet V and approved by instructor for proper age for leg, hips and foot growth, and / or have experience equivalent if new incoming student.  All students are evaluated by our ballet instructors, the director and a physical therapist who specializes in dance: The Pointe program begins with a year of PREPOINTE P.A.S.S. (Placement: Alignment: Strength: Stretch class) Students complete a full year of PREPOINTE/P.A.S.S before they go on shoes along with now taking Ballet 2x per week: The following years students will take 2 Ballet and 2 Pointe per wk in the levels they progress to.  There are MANDATORY Summer Requirements for all POINTE Students: 4 Ballet & 4 Pointe as it is essential to maintain strength that has developed thru the school year. Our Summer Class Card program from July to August allows for ample time and classes to fulfill this requirement. Privates can also be arranged to so subject to teacher availability

JAZZ: Grade 3-12: Classic Jazz technique with elements of Contemporary: Lyrical: Hip Hop: Broadway and Ailey influences. 

MODERN: Grade 3-12: Classes include warm-up, stretch, alignment, Modern dance elements from Limon, Humphrey and Graham techniques.

TAP: Beg. – Int. Classes offered for Grades 3-12: Classic Tap technique and combinations.

ALLEGRO DANCE ENSEMBLE: OPEN TO ALL ADVANCE STUDENTS ONLY in Ballet: Pointe: Jazz and Modern: HWSD in house resident Company that performs for Schools: Libraries: Museums: Community Events: Fundraisers: Charities and More: See Registration Page for Participation


BROADWAY MELODY: Theater Dance for Children Grade 1 thru Middle School . Runs for 10 weeks: $150: No Recital: Choreography to Broadway show tunes: Great for the aspiring theater student. Student Studio Showcase: Currently taking names: Spread the word !!!! Need 5 students to run

CHILDREN’S MOVEMENT & IMPROV: Expressive creative dance and movement with exploring imagination: music: storytelling; pantomime: group dynamics. Grade 1 thru Middle School. Runs for 10 weeks: $150: No Recital: Student Showcase: Currently taking names: Spread the word !!!! Need 5 students to run.

MODERN with MOLLY: Adult Modern Dance Class: ALL ADULTS: 16+: College students: Alum: 12 Class Card: $175 good for 15 weeks from date of purchase. Open level class will explore traditional and contemporary modern dance techniques incorporating Humphrey and Cunningham techniques, floor work, improvisation and movement phrases. Some dance/movement experience recommended, but not required. more info [email protected]

CARDIO GROOVE FITNESS: ADULTS: Great workout offering a stretch warm-up, use of hand weights, easy to do cardio dance patterns using a variety of music from Funk, Swing, Country, Soul, R&B, Salsa, Disco and more.  No experience necessary: 12 Class Card $120 good for any Cardio Groove Class: good for 15 weeks from date of purchase