PLEASE NOTE for ALL DANCE CLASSES: All Dance Attire/Footwear for HWSD is registered with ON YOUR TOES in Peabody

HWSD Sells BUN BAGS: $20 consisting of 9″ zip bag with comb, brush, hairspray, pouch of long & regular size bobby pins, 4 covered hair bands and 3 bun hairnets. Leave orders and payments by cash/check in the lockbox on studio wall. HWSD also sells Dance activewear: Jackets: Pants and Cinch bags. Information is on bulletin board, orders may be placed in lockbox. Try on sizes are in the hall.

No writing or logo designs, no baggy sweaters/sweatshirts/leg warmers, no dangling jewelry to be worn. Hair must be back for all classes in the following way:  TIGHT HAIR BUNS on the crown of head for ALL BALLET CLASSES: Pre Ballet thru to Advance Ballet/Pointe no “messy” buns, or top head buns, no ponytails. Best to wear bun to school of ballet day. To make a Bun: Gather hair and make a tight ponytail with covered elastic. Twist hair as you coil the hair around the base of the ponytail and tuck the end under, using the longer bobby pins to pin around. Many dancers use hairnets found at ON YOUR TOES or CVS to then cover the bun and repin again to secure for movement. If hair is too short to wear a bun, hair must be worn off the face with a stretch head band and in addition if possible, placed in a small single ponytail in the back. Dance footwear to be worn in Studio ONLY.  All footwear should be labeled in each shoe w/first and last name: Do not label or sew ribbons on pointe shoes until approved. Please do not buy any dance footwear at Payless Shoes. The ballet soles are cut too long and cannot be fitted properly. * All female students in multiple classes should have a camisole leotard known as an “undertard” for recital to go under leotards with low back and adjustable straps:  All Dancers should have a DANCE BAG of some kind to carry all necessary items for dance class. We sell HWSD Dance Outerwear and Dance Bags if interested. Older students should not leave the building in just a leotard.

Creative Movement/Dance: Children are welcome to wear the following: if in classic dance wear: Girls in pink footed tights and any color leotard and ballet slippers. Boys in gym pants/shorts and solid T shirt Ballet slippers optional in Black . All Children are also welcome to wear comfortable moveable clothing/workout wear: no jeans: Ballet slippers are preferred but barefeet is acceptable.


All males for Ballet should have white/or black short sleeve T shirts with Black stretch ballet pants/leggings/jazz pants. Black or/white ballet slippers

Pre-Ballet, Ballet I, and Ballet II: Bloch LAV (lavender leotard dress) CL8262 and Pink footed tights #C80. Pink Ballet Slippers, leather with split or full sole.  Bloch brand preferred.


Child Sizes: Bloch Basic Tank CL5405: Bloch skirts CR5110 

Teen/Adult Sizes: Bloch tank BL5415:  Bloch Skirts R5130

Ballet Pink by Body Wrappers: Footed Child size #C80 or Convertible style #C81:  Footed Teen/Adult size #A80 or Convertible #A81

No footless tights allowed for Ballet

Dance Sweaters: Optional:  Capezio #CS301 or #CS850 or Wear Moi black wrap.

Skirts are required.

Ballet III, Ballet IV: Burgundy leo and skirt

Ballet V and NEW Teen Ballet: Royal Blue leo and skirt

Int. Adv. I/II and Advance Ballet: Black leo and skirt

Ballet Instructors will Provide Pointe Shoe Information: Please have all POINTE shoes checked by the teacher before wearing them, sewing ribbons or putting your name in them.

MODERN DANCE: Dark color leotard: Dark color cami/T shirt Dark color capri/dance pant/leggings (no dance shorts): bare feet/or socks.  No baggy printed sweatshirts, sweatpants or graphics/writing on shirts. Hair worn pulled back and off the face.

JAZZ: Dark color leotard (black preferred): Dark Camis can be worn over leo: Males in dark T shirts. All in Black jazz pants full length preferred. Black capri pants optional (no dance shorts) Black Jazz shoes, slip-ons of whatever brand feels fitted.  All hair pulled/tied back w/black stretch headband. Advance class will be notified if they need character shoes.

 TAP: Same attire as JAZZ with a Bloch tie Tap shoe (no high heel) 1/4 to 1/2 inch> Bloch tap shoes vary in price so whatever in the shoe description fits well either solid sole or split sole and is affordable.

ALL NON Performing Classes/Specialty Classes should wear comfortable dance/workout attire: No jeans: hair back: Bare feet or dance shoe: NO STREET SHOES are ALLOWED in the STUDIO.

ADULT BALLET: Comfortable dance attire: Ballet Slippers are required.