This year’s outdoor performance will be held at the


SATURDAY JUNE 12, at 3:00. (Rain Date June 13,)
(if by any chance the original date and rain date are a washout, please keep June 19 th open)

The Hamilton Wenham School of Dance is so fortunate and grateful to be able to hold our annual recital performance in our 30th year as part of the community at The PATTON HOMESTEAD, an incredible, treasured cultural center in Hamilton. We are thankful to THE TOWN OF HAMILTON, the Board of Directors and Property Director Kaleigh Pare Shaughnessy for all their cooperation in making this season’s performance possible in this stunning outdoor venue. For more information to learn more about the Patton Homestead Due to the current state of the pandemic and to proceed with utmost caution, our annual performance is outdoors this summer. Please bring your Lawn chair and or Blanket/Towel to sit on. NO FOOD or DRINK ALLOWED (water bottles only) ALL attendees and students are required to continue to wear masks which INCLUDES anyone who has been vaccinated until further direction from the Board of Health of Hamilton.

TICKETS should be purchased from the studio during the month of MAY by sending check &/or cash payment with name and number of desired tickets by mail to the studio or in with your student to be placed in our lockbox at the studio. Your name with purchase amount will be listed on a admission check in sheet at the check in table at the recital. There is no limit to family tickets. No physical tickets will be distributed (saving trees). ANY LAST MINUTE PURCHASE OF ADMISSION may be done at the CHECK IN Table at recital time but please do your best to have done so prior during ticket sale month in MAY.

All Admission Fees:

$20 for age 10 – Adults:

$15 for Seniors 65+ & Children under age 10:

RECITAL PERFORMANCE: Families may arrive no earlier than 2:00 as we have extensive setting up to do with our outdoor stage and sound system. Upon your arrival at the Patton Estate, please follow directions for parking and proceed to our STUDENT CHECK IN TABLE to check in your student performer and TICKET CHECK in for FAMILIES. Proceed to set up your lawn chairs and or blankets in designated field area and space socially distanced apart. Please eat prior to arrival. Please do not have your student eat while in costume. NO FOOD or DRINK is allowed on premises. Water is allowed. All families must be responsible to keep their families together and small children from moving about the grounds as we have to abide by property rules and will have cords and equipment that must be kept safe. We often recommend to have a babysitter for babies and small toddlers as crying and sounds can disrupt our video as well as students hearing music to dance by. Bathrooms will be available at the location but to be used for emergency only. All children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult to the bathroom which is located in the Patton House. Please try use your bathroom at home prior to arrival. Please do all hair and makeup at home. NO CELL PHONE USE AT THE PERFORMANCE PLEASE

Your student will begin to be sent home with costumes: These costumes are nonrefundable and cannot be replaced: Please put away for safe keeping until the class Dress Rehearsal and Performance Days. Please do not Wash, use for Play or Eat Food while in costume at any time. All students in multiple pieces must have a flesh/nude undertard to wear under their costumes. This is for hygiene and changing in our wardrobe tent. Undertard info is on our website on Dress Code page.

DRESS REHEARSAL will be held during each class time the last week of classes from Saturday June 5 to Friday June 11. Students will come to class in costume for that particular class, proper hairstyles required, no makeup necessary. CLASS ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY THIS FINAL WEEK FOR IN CLASS DRESS REHEARSAL.

PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEO TAPE REGULATIONS and FLOWER SALES: HWSD for many years has had a PROFESSIONAL VIDEOGRAPHER TAPE our Recital: We ask for quiet during our performance: PRE ORDERS for $30 must be done by MAY 25 th . Please send payment made out to The Hamilton Wenham School of Dance. and sent in to the studio by mail or with your student to put in the lockbox. You will be sent information and forms for both the video and flower orders by email.

Once again as in years past we will have FLORAL CAUSE setting up for Flower Sales at the Recital. You will receive a separate order form home by email to preorder. We will donate our percentage of proceeds to BOSTON CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL. One of our long time students is currently doing a fundraiser that you may additionally donate to on your own:

INFORMATION FOR PERFORMING STUDENTS: Upon student arrival to the Patton Homestead, STUDENTS MUST CHECK IN AT STUDENT CHECK IN. ALL students must all be dressed in their first or only costume for the piece they are in. Hair and makeup should be done at home. * MAKEUP should be mascara (mascara not needed for K-4), blush and berry tone lipstick. We keep it simple. No makeup needed for Creative Movement. NO JEWELRY OF ANY KIND. NO FINGER OR TOE NAIL POLISH. All Students should have a DANCE BAG with all needed items for the performance.

Students in ONE dance piece: Your student has arrived in costume with hair and makeup done. Please have your labelled dance footwear in your dance bag. Upon being called up to perform, you will be directed on how to proceed to the stage area with our “recital Helpers”. You will change your shoes for your piece. You will then be directed to placement on the stage to begin your piece. Upon bow and great applause, you will exit the stage, remove your dance shoes and put your “street” shoes on and return to your families viewing spot. Students in ONE dance piece Grade 3 and older may be seated in the student viewing area if you have placed your seat there. (All students must bring their own chair and or blanket to sit on.

Students in MULTIPLE dance pieces: Please arrive in your first costume with “street” shoes on. Please bring your folding or beach chair to the student viewing area. Proceed to bring all other labelled costumes and dance footwear in your dance bag to the changing tent. There will be hanging racks and mirrors in our changing tent. There will be “recital helpers” to assist with students. Please bring a beach towel to stand in your designated changing spot inside the tent to protect footwear and costumes. Once settled in the changing tent, you will take your seat in the student viewing area. You will be called up to perform and directed to placement onstage. Please allow for final pose and applause. Upon exiting the stage, return to tent for changing into your next costume. Please be quiet inside the tent for changing as we must keep sound at a minimum. Change into your next costume and proceed quietly to student viewing area. Once you have danced in your final piece, exit the stage, remove dance footwear and proceed in your costume to the student viewing area to view the remainder of our program. Upon the conclusion of the performance, return to changing tent and take ALL personal items home with you. There will be a designated BIN to place all studio borrowed costumes in. HWSD and Patton Homestead cannot be held responsible for anything left behind on the property. Please leave any areas as clean as when you arrived.

We ask for quiet in both the audience and students during the performance as this is a new venture being outside, hearing the sound, our professional videographer working. Please again, no use of cell phones during our performance.