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REGISTRATION & TUITION September 2022- June 2023


Use Registration Form from this page for both School Year and Summer Registration

By registering you have read and agreed to comply with HWSD POLICIES & COVID 19 Mandates: See Policies Page

TUITION MAY BE PAID by CASH/CHECKS payable to The Hamilton-Wenham School of Dance at 60 Railroad Avenue, South Hamilton MA. 01982; TUITION may also be paid online here on this page through Paypal. Payments may also be placed in the lockbox inside the studio>

The Hamilton Wenham School of Dance is an ANNUAL TEN MONTH SCHOOL YEAR from September to June with a season ending Recital Performance in mid June. Student who register for HWSD classes will be part of the Recital Performance in June. We are a non competition school with a focus on artistry and technique. The ANNUAL Schedule for Sept. 2022-June 2023 is currently online now. NEW Families to HWSD are encouraged to email [email protected] with inquiries into our School Year Program of Dance. Current Families will be contacted with a TIME TO REGISTER email stating the class/classes your student is eligible to enroll in.  Classes are leveled mainly by Grade, Ability and Experience and can be Multi Level. SEE CLASS DESCRIPTIONS Page to learn about our classes. No refunds are given except in cases of withdrawal from a class after three weeks from the start of the classes in September. Refunds or any Credit towards classes will be given in cases of long term injury, illness with note of Doctor specifying need to stop classes.  NOTE: HWSD reserves the right to dissolve a class if it does not meet class size criteria of a minimum of three students and has to be cancelled, a refund will be made. If class registration is too small, classes may be merged if levels are appropriate. Once we have your RESPONSE with your class selections, HWSD will send a CONFIRMATION and BILL. The Registration form may be filled out online or downloaded off the Registration page and mailed in with tuition. We will need a signed REGISTRATION FORM from all students. HWSD Ten Month Program TUITION is billed by email in late July & early August, and due by Sept. 1, 2022. Costumes will be billed in January (non refundable). The remaining ten month tuition payment will be emailed in mid / late January. * NEW HWSD students entering in Sept. will be notified which classes they may be placed in according to experience and grade. Audition for Pointe is required for new incoming students who have not been part of our program. Summer Classes may be considered for audition purposes.Classes begin starting September 6, 2022

  • PLEASE SEE OUR POLICIES PAGE FOR LATE ENROLLMENT INFORMATION & REQUIREMENTS: Note a $30 registration fee will apply for anyone enrolling after September 12, 2022. CLASSES BEGIN SEPTEMBER 6, 2022

TUITION RATES 2022-2023 : DISCOUNT RATES are based on number of classes by entire family. 

10% for 3 classes:   15% for 4 classes:   20% for 5 classes: 25% for 6+ classes: Payment Plans may be available upon request for families whose student/students are enrolled in 2 or more classes. Half of the ten month tuition listed here will be billed and due by Sept. 1, 2022. The remaining ten month tuition payment will come by email by mid January 2023: CLASS TIMES ARE LISTED ON THE SCHEDULE PAGE

30 Minute weekly Classes: $600 for the school year Sept. 6 to June Performance

45 Minute weekly Classes: $660 for the school year Sept. 6 to June Performance

60 Minute Weekly Classes: $700 for the school year Sept. 6 to June Performance

75 Minute Weekly Classes: $720 for the school year Sept. 6 to June Performance

ALLEGRO DANCE ENSEMBLE: Advanced Students Only: Rehearsal will be held during class time

PRIVATES in technique classes: $45 for 45 minute private

SEMI PRIVATES in technique classes: Depending on size of semi, $20 – 30 per person for 45 minutes

Non Performing ADULT Programs and Non recital YOUTH programs priced separately. See Schedule: Renewable Class Cards and Single class rates will apply